The Oscars Quiz – How well do you know the movies?

The Oscars Quiz 2017

The Oscars are upon us this Sunday (Great!) so it’s time to test your memory or interest (or lack of, or is that just me!) in our little Oscar quiz.


Do you really watch The Oscars? Well done!

Don’t worry it’s only The Oscars, not very important!

#1. Who won Best Actress at the 2016 Oscars (88th Academy Awards)?

#2. Who won the Best Actor at the 2016 Oscars (88th Academy Awards)?

#3. Which of these films NEVER won a Oscar for Best Picture?

#4. Which of these films won the Oscar for Best Picture?

#5. Which film won Best Piture at the 2016 Oscars (88th Academy Awards)?


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How well did you do? Awards really don’t mean much to most film fans as they chosen by a few unknown individuals.

They matter to the film makers and actors as their next pay deal can be affected (forgive me if I really don’t care if they get paid a couple of million more or less).

Oscars 2017 Winners – The Full List

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