Other Halves Movie Review – A Good Techno Horror from 2015?

Lets take a look at a new horror/thriller, so here is my Other Halves movie review.

  • Other Halves Movie Review (2015 Film)
  • Horror/Thriller
  • Directed By Matthew T Price
  • Written By Matthew T Price & Kelly Morr
  • Music By Erick Del Aguila
  • Starring Lauren Lakis ; Mercedes Manning ; Lianna Liew ; Melanie Friedrich ; Sam Scheikert ; Megan Hui ; Carson Nicely 


So what’s Other Halves all about? Well it’s a horror/thriller set around the launch of a new dating app. Now stay with me because the app is not your usual app, this one pulls all your online life and analyses it to find your perfect match or other halve.

other halves movie review

Just imagine if everything that you have ever posted online, on facebook, twitter, reddit , tumblr and whatever the latest cool app is was aggregated. What kind of person would we see? The real you and with the same process you could find you perfect match, well that’s the idea! Forget Tinder or whatever other dating apps are currently out there you need Other Halves.

The film is set in the office of this start-up dating company over the weekend, with the app due to launch imminently. So it’s late and the team, which three are good friends, are trying to iron out any bugs in their code before launch. And boy oh boy does it have a major bug!!!

With the team being the only ones in the office block what could possibly could go wrong…

Well quite a lot as it happens this is after all a horror movie not everybody’s going to make it through the night, yes murders. It’s quite hard to say anymore without giving too much more away. There is a nice little twist regarding the dating app that keeps you guessing and watching as try to work out what’s going on.

other halves movie review

Let’s just say this is not going to be a clean and smooth launch. No it’s going to get messy very messy…


So that’s your basic plot and it’s not a bad idea, sure it’s an updated idea but that’s what makes this movie relevant to today’s tech savvy generation. I mean when was the last time you were on the bus or tube where everybody didn’t have their heads down looking into their phone!

The timing for this movie is perfect and it also plays on our fears about just how much information is out there online about us. Now that really is a scary thought!!! Whether it’s the government checking up on you (Think Edward Snodin) or how about if someone chooses to stalk you online…

I like the way movie is shot, it’s slick, creating genuine moments of tension whilst having flashbacks that you piece together over the course of the film. For the most part the pacing is good, which considering most of the film is spent within the office block it manages to use enough locations to create the tension and isolate certain members of the team, it is a office block after all and with plenty of places to hide.

other halves movie review

Now this is very much a female oriented cast with one main male member and this works well. It should be noted there is quite a bit of nudity in the film, a shower scene springs to mind although to be fair that scene is probably justified by the plot to some degree but it’s feels slightly exploitative. Whilst most of the nudity comes from the female characters we do also have some male nudity. You have the feeling they trying to address and balance the nudity issue, but it just results in lot of people in the nude/semi-nude.


For the most part the acting is ok with some good performances the best coming from Lauren Lakis, who plays Devon one of programmers. She’s the one who stands out for giving the film it’s energy which it would otherwise lack. She also the one who has some of the best witty lines the film has to offer and she delivers them well.

Lauren Lakis is the stand out performer giving the film its energy. Other Halves hits the spot by playing on our fears of the way we use social media and ultimately how people perceive us through our online personas.

Conclusion: Other Halves Movie Review

So in concluding my Other Halves movie review I have to address the important part, is it any good?

I must admit I thought as I started to watch, it appeared I was going to disappointed, but as I continued to watch it drew me in. I wanted to know what happened at the end, now that so that says a great deal.

Unlike a lot movies I watch I never once checked the time another good sign. Would I watch it again? The answer I find myself saying is yes.

Sure it’s far from perfect, some of the dialogue is poor/cheesy (But what horror movie doesn’t have that problem) and it’ not a really scary film. I suspect it not being a really scary film will be why some will dislike it, but there are many different kinds of horror and this goes for lots of tension which I applaud.

This is director Matthew T Price’s first feature film and I think on the whole this is not a bad first movie.

Other Halves hits the spot in terms of how it plays on our fears of the use social media and ultimately how people perceive us through our online persona.

I guess this film will be somewhat of a marmite moment, you will either love it or hate.

other halves movie review

Popcorn Cinema Movie Rating: Other Halves (2016)


Where To Watch Other Halves (2016)

Other Halves is being released through 2016 keep an eye out.

For more info head over to the Other Halves website

Other Halves (2016) Film Trailer

I’ll leave you with the Other Halves trailer

Final Thought

that was my Other Halves movie review, a movie starring  Lauren Lakis & Mercedes Manning If you get the chance it’s definitely worth taking a look at this film.

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Summary: Other Halves (2015) Movie Review
other halves movie review

Movie title: Other Halves (2015)

Duration: 90 mins

Director(s): Matthew T Price

Actor(s): Lauren Lakis, Mercedes Manning, Lianna Liew, Melanie Friedrich

Genre: Horror, Thriller

  • Movie Rating


Other Halves hits the spot in terms of how it plays on our fears of the use social media and ultimately how people perceive us through our online persona.