Other Halves Movie Trailer

Other Halves Movie Trailer (Horror / Thriller)

Check out the Other Halves movie trailer, starring Lauren Lakis

  • Starring Lauren Lakis ; Mercedes Manning ; Lianna Liew ; Megan Hui ; Melanie Friedrich ; Sam Schweikert ; Carson Nicely other halves movie trailer

Other Halves centres on a new dating app designed to find you your perfect match.  So what coulf possibly go wrong right?  Oh wait it’s a horror movie so probably quite a lot.  In any case I’m just about to review Other Halves soon so I will post my review in the next couple of days.

The film is due for release sometime in 2016, currently veing shown at festivals and the like, but hopefully it will get a proper release / release date.

Final Thought

You can see our review of Other Halves right here.

So that was the Other Halves movie trailer, it is always nice to see a different type of horror movie than say Saw 59 or whatever the number the last one was.  Please let me know what you thought of the trailer, has it sparked your interest.  Is it a hit or miss?  Subscribe and leave a comment below

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