Planes Trains And Automobiles Movie Review – The Perfect Comedy

You must have seen Planes, Trains And Automobiles (1987) right?  If not I have my Planes Trains And Automobiles movie review to explain what is so special about the film.

What could be a more appropriate movie to watch this Thanksgiving than the comedy classic Planes Trains and Automobiles. Not being American (I’m British) I’ll be honest I not that well up on Thanksgiving. I mean I know everybody rushes home from all corners of America (or the world) to be with loved ones and eat Turkey.

Planes Trains and Automobiles movie review

How do I know this? Planes Trains and Automobile (1987) classic comedy, which also happens to be one of my all time favourite films. I’m sure most people have by now seen this classic comedy movie several times over, but I thought it the perfect time to revisit John Hughes‘ masterpiece.

  • Planes Trains And Automobiles Movie Review (1987 Film)
  • Comedy
  • Written, Produced and Directed By John Hughes
  • Music By Ira Newborn
  • Starring Steve Martin, John Candy


Steve Martin plays Neal Page, a normal guy making his way home for Thanksgiving. When his flight is cancelled due to bad weather he has to find an alternative way home. Enter the great John Candy as Del Griffith, a shower ring curtain salesman (I know), who is also seemingly in the same predicament.

As the title of the film suggests they will have to use several different forms of transport if they are to make it home in time for the big day.

Planes Trains And AutomobilesClassic Moments

This of course means plenty of brilliant comedy moments along the way, including a several great scenes, one being when Del Griffith is driving and Neal Page is sleeping. What results is one of the funniest moments, with Del trying to remove his coat but it getting stuck. The car spins round and now facing the wrong direction and Neal awakes. Now driving the wrong way down the freeway a car on the opposite side of the road attempt to alert them to this by saying “you’re going the wrong way” to which Del says how do they know where were going?

And this is just one of a string of great moments along the way, another being them waking up in the morning having shared a bed:

Del: “Why are you holding my hand”

Neal: “Where’s your other hand?”

Del: “Between two pillows”

Neal: “Those aren’t pillows!!!”

Planes Trains and Automobiles movie review

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Conclusion: Planes Trains And Automobiles Movie Review

This movie genuinely pulls on all the emotional strings, being incredibility funny one moment and sad the next.

Movies like Planes Trains and Automobiles simply don’t come around that often which is why we all cherish them all the more when they do.

Sometimes, not very often a film comes along where there is simply nothing to criticise and nothing they could have done any better. Quite simply this is one of those films, a comedy classic that’s timeless and still feels as fresh today as it did back in 1987. 

If you have never seen it then it’s a must see and if you have watched before then you are probably getting ready to see it again.

planes trains and automobiles movie review

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planes trains and automobiles movie review

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Planes Trains and Automobiles (1987)




Planes Trains and Automobiles (1987) Film Trailer

Now how could I not end without showing the trailer, so that’s exactly what I’ll do.  Enjoy and keep look out for the pillow scene.

I hope you are enjoying our recommeded movie series as we have plenty more to come…

Final Thought: Planes Trains and Automobiles (1987)

That concludes my Planes Trains and Automobiles movie review, do you agree with me that is an absolute comedy movie great?  or can you not see what all the fuss is about?  Whatever you view please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

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Planes Trains and Automobiles Blu-ray Review
planes trains and automobiles movie review

Movie title: Planes Trains and Automobiles (1987)

Movie description: A regular guy making his way home for Thanksgiving has to change his plans when his flight is cancelled due to bad weather

Duration: 92 mins

Director(s): John Hughes

Actor(s): Steve Martin, John Candy

Genre: Comedy

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Those aren’t pillows, no Planes Trains and Automobiles is pure comedy gold!