Popcorn Cinema Blu-ray/DVD Awards 2019

Popcorn Cinema Blu-ray/DVD Awards 2019

It’s 2020 and time to look back at the Blu-ray and DVD releases from 2019. These awards come little later than intended but nevertheless let’s praise those whom excelled. As has become accustomed it’s time to dish out a few more awards highlighting the good and bad from film and television. So without further ado here are our Popcorn Cinema Blu-ray/DVD Awards 2019.

Popcorn Cinema Blu-ray/DVD Awards 2019

Label That Goes The Extra Mile 2019

This award seems to be a straight contest between to fabulous labels. Both are worthy of this award for consistently providing excellent Blu-ray releases with excellent picture quality any incredibly interesting extras.

However I’m going to give it to the Indicator label for their excellent extras especially those on the latest Hammer boxset – Volume Four: Faces of Fear.

Hammer Volume Four: Faces of Fear Boxset

The Label With The Most Consistently Interesting Releases

Winner: Network
Runner-Up: Powerhouse Films aka Indicator

Network started 2019 off with a string of hugely popular titles including Man About the House (1974), The Likely Lads, both Sweeney films. They continued the year with several other impressive releases such as Mystery Junction (1951) and of course the complete series of Monty Python’s Flying Circus all on Bluray.

Noteworthy Mention

Winner: Second Sight Films

Asylum Blu-ray Review

Second Sight Films seem to release a few really interesting and restored films each year. 2019 saw a couple of horror classics with, The House That Dripped Blood (1971) and Asylum (1972).

Release That Blew My Mind

Borley Rectory Blu-ray Review

This brilliantly animated horror documentary from Ashley Thorpe is simply astounding. Make sure you purchase this one on Blu-ray and ensure you find the time to watch it. I’m sure you wouldn’t be disappointed!

Favourite Blu-ray Release of 2019

  • Winner: Monty Python’s Flying Circus – Complete

Network really deserve praise for this excellent Monty Python release as it’s a must have for every fan of the series.

I should also mention the sad news of the passing of Python Terry Jones who died on the 21st January 2020.

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Best of the Rest on Blu-ray (By Label)

Doctor Who – The Collection – Season 10 (Jon Pertwee) BBC
Doctor Who – The Collection – Season 18 (Tom Barker)BBC
Doctor Who – The Collection – Season 23 (Colin Baker)BBC
Doctor Who The Macra TerrorBBC
Fawlty Towers – The Complete CollectionBBC
Red Dwarf Series 1 – 8 BoxsetBBC
The Far Country (1954)Arrow Academy
An American Werewolf in London (1981)Arrow Video
Horror Express (1972)Arrow Video
Weird Science (1985)Arrow Video
Opera (1987) (2K Restoration)Cult Films
Stan and Ollie (2018)Entertainment One
Buster Keaton: 3 FilmsEureka Entertainment
High Noon (1952)Eureka Entertainment
The African QueenEureka Entertainment
Man About the House (1974)Network
Monty Python’s Flying Circus – CompleteNetwork
Mystery Junction (1951)Network
Sweeney! (1977)Network
Sweeney 2 (1978)Network
The Likely LadsNetwork
Birdy (1984)Indicator
Breakout (1975)Indicator
Hammer Volume Four: Faces of FearIndicator
Asylum – Limited EditionSecond Sight
The House That Dripped Blood – Limited EditionSecond Sight
Don’t Look Now (1973)Studiocanal
Lust For A Vampire (1971)Studiocanal
Prince of Darkness 4K Collector’s EditionStudiocanal
The Halfway House (1944)Studiocanal
Detour (1945)Criterion Collection
Scarface (1983) – 35th AnniversaryUniversal Pictures
The Mule (2018)Warner Bros
The Wizard of Oz: Anniversary CollectionWarner Bros

Favourite Television Blu-ray/DVD Releases of 2019

  • Winner: Monty Python’s Flying Circus – Complete Series (Blu-ray) – Network

This oustanding release is a must for all Python fans.

Another worthy mention is that of the BBC. They are currently in the process of bringing several classic television series to the Blu-ray format. Offerings such as Red Dwarf series 1-8, Fawlty Towers and several classic Doctor Who seasons are already available on Bluray having been cleaned up and released packed full of extras.

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Most Disappointing Blu-ray Releases of 2019

The Dark Half Blu-ray Review

Both of these titles suffered from a lack of any restoration work resulting in a generally poor viewing experience. In the case of The Dark Half there are marks throughout the film’s two hours that are more than a little annoying.

It’s a tough call as to which of these is the worse but I’m going to give this award to Eureka Entertainment’s The Dark Half Blu-ray release. Let’s hope 2020 brings more quality control.

Most anticipated Blu-ray Releases 2020 (So far)

Doctor Who – The Collection – Season 26 (Sylvester McCoy)BBC
Doctor Who – The Collection – Season 14 (Tom Baker)BBC
Father Brown – Series 8Spirit Entertainment
Anatomy of a Murder (James Stewart)Criterion Collection
Beat the Devil (Humphrey Bogart)BFI
Buster Keaton: 3 Films (Volume 2)Eureka Entertainment
Fail Safe (1965) (Henry Fonda)Criterion Collection
Frozen IIWalt Disney
Joker (Joaquin Phoenix)Warner Bros
Jumanji: The Next LevelSony Pictures
Le Mans ’6620th Century Fox
Long Day’s Journey Into Night (Katharine Hepburn)Eureka Entertainment
North Sea Hijack (Roger Moore, James Mason)88 Films
Scandal (1989)BFI
Star Wars: The Rise of SkywalkerWalt Disney
Stephen King’s Doctor SleepWarner Bros
Sunday Bloody SundayBFI

Final Thought – Popcorn Cinema Blu-ray/DVD Awards 2019

There have been some fantastic releases especially on Blu-ray in 2019. Hopefully there’s still several years left for physical media. That might be given a lift with the release of the new game consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Both are set to include 4K Blu-ray players meaning the amount of people able to take the jump to 4K will increase a little.

DVD Only Releases in 2019/20

That said many television series still only receive a DVD release and sadly the UK is treated poorly on the film front too. Want the latest Nicolas Cage movie on Blu-ray then there’s a 50/50 chance. Companies such as Spirit Entertainment and Lionsgate to name just two think it’s ok to release these brand news films purely on DVD in the UK. Meanwhile other countries are treated to a Blu-ray release. This has to stop, people are slowly moving from HD to 4K and yet these companies still insist on releasing an inferior less than high definition product to UK film lovers.

Retailer HMV Back In Action

In the previous Blu-ray/DVD awards I reported on HMV going into administration. Thankfully they are back from the grave for now at least. I really do hope they manage to find the right balance to keep enough stores open on the high street. Furthermore did you know they have many exclusive Blu-ray titles? They really don’t seem to make enough noise about these. Sometimes it’s easy to think a film isn’t available on Blu-ray by doing a quick search online at the likes of Amazon. So better advertising of what HMV does have might just help them find and keep a few customers.

That concludes the Popcorn Cinema Blu-ray/DVD Awards 2019 fingers crossed 2020 delivers an even better year of releases.

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