Movie Releases For Week Mar 4 2016 – The Other Side Of The Door

The Other Side Of The Door & London Has Fallen

Time for a look at this weeks new cinema releases (4th March 2016) in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand at the cinema, plus all the weeks film news. So what movies are going to be on at your local cinema? Well if you are in the UK the horror film The Other Side Of The Door is out or maybe you prefer an action flick, in which case you have London Has Fallen (Released in UK & US).

Meanwhile in the US only we have what will surely be a big hit in the animated film Zootopia, but more of that in a moment first the weeks main or most interesting movie news…

Film News

Actor George Kennedy Passes Away

TMZ website report that actor George Kennedy has passed away aged 91 on 28th February 2016

Kennedy who appeared in many different film roles, including the film Cool Hand Luke (1967) in which he won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

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Movie Releases

London Has Fallen (Action)

Released 4th March 2016 UK/US (15/R) 99 Mins

Starring Gerard Butler; Morgan Freeman; Aaron Eckhart; Charlotte Riley; Angela Bassett; Radha Mitchell

Following the mysterious death of the British Prime Minister the leaders of the Western world attend his funeral. However what should be one of the most secure places on earth turns into a plot to kill the world leaders thus unleashing a terrifying vision of the future.


Hail, Caesar! (Comedy Drama)

Released 4th March 2016 UK (12A) 106 Mins

Starring Channing Tatum; Scarlett Johansson; Tilda Swinton

Set in the 1950’s, this is the story of a Hollywood fixer who keeps the studio’s stars in line.


The Choice (Drama)

Released 4th March 2016 UK (12A) 111 Mins

Starring Alexandra Daddario; Teresa Palmer; Benjamin Walker

Neighbors Travis and Gabby meet as neighbors in a small coastal town and end up in a relationship that is tested by one of life’s most defining events.


The Other Side Of The Door (Horror)

Released 4th March 2016 UK (15) 96 Mins

Starring Sarah Wayne Callies ; Jeremy Sisto ; Javier Botet

British / Indian supernatural horror film directed by Johannes Roberts. Following a tragic accident which results in the loss of a familys son, the mother hears of a way to bring him back involving an ancient ritual. She travels to a temple where the ritual can be carried out. In the temple there is a door which serves as a portal between two worlds. She is told never to open that door!


Truth (Drama)

Released 4th March 2016 UK (15) 125 Mins

Starring Cate Blanchett; Robert Redford; Topher Grace; Dennis Quaid; Elisabeth Moss; Bruce Greenwood; Stacy Keach; John Benjamin Hickey; David Lyons; Dermot Mulroney

Based on the true story the newscaster Dan Rather”s report about George W. Bush receiving preferential treatment with the aim of avoiding the Vietnam War draft. This results in hugh scandal that damages Rather”s career.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Comedy)

Released 4th March 2016 US (R) 111 Mins

Starring Tina Fey ; Margot Robbie ; Martin Freeman ; Christopher Abbott ; Billy Bob Thornton ; Alfred Molina ; Sheila Vand ; Nicholas Braun

A journalist who covers the conflicts in Aghanistan and Pakistan during Operation Enduring Freedom develops a crazy relationship with a fellow journalist from Scotland.


Zootopia (Animated Comedy)

Released 4th March 2016 US (PG) 111 Mins

Voiced By Ginnifer Goodwin ; Jason Bateman ; Shakira ; Idris Elba ; Kath Soucie ; J.K. Simmons

In a city full of anthropomorphic animals, a con artist fox and a rookie bunny cop have to work together to uncover a conspiracy.

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