Precious Cargo Movie Trailer

Precious Cargo Movie Trailer (Action)

Check out the Precious Cargo movie trailer

  • Starring Bruce Willis ; Claire Forlani ; Mark-Paul Gosselaar ; John Brotherton ; Lydia Hull ; Daniel Bernhardt ; Ashley Kirk popcorn-cinema-99

So are you ready for a Bruce Willis action movie?  What we have here is a heist film, a crime boss decides to steal from another thief. So plenty of double crossing, gunfire and explosions.

So when do you get to see all this action from Precious Cargo?  It’s slated for 22 April 2016 in theatres and on demand in the US no date available as yet for the UK.


What’s my problem with this?  It looks like a by the numbers movie that’s never destined to by more that watch it once kind of movie.  It looks like Bruce Willis just going through the motions, I could be wrong and hope I am.  Sometimes trailers can give you the wrong impression of a film, that said I’m still not particularly looking forward to it.  I will give it a go upon release stay tuned!

So that was the Precious Cargo movie trailer with Bruce Willis, is it a hit or miss for you?  Please leave a comment with your thought of this movie trailer.

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