Q Volume 2 Coming To DVD

Q Volume 2 Series 4 and 5 (Q8 and Q9) heading for DVD

Simply Media having already announced Q Volume 1, which releases 21st November 2016 (Monday) are continuing on with Q Volume 2.

The Q series for those unfamiliar is a comedy series written and performed by Spike Milligan.

Just to confuse matters series one is called Q5, two, Q6 & three Q7.  That is what you get in volume 1 on Monday priced £14.99. Volume 2 contains series 4 and 5 or Q8 and Q9, clear? It’s due for release 27th February 2017.

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As more classic television series are announced we will keep you informed.  But the good news being that there has never been a better time to get your hands on these classic shows as several companies, such as Network and Simply Media are releasing lots of titles.