Randall and Hopkirk Arrives on Blu-ray

Network, the film and television distributor are bringing the classic British television series Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) to Blu-ray in the UK. Volume one is in fact already available to purchase with more on the way.

If you prefer them in one box set you will need to wait until October. You can order/pre-order (or pre-buy as they call it) over on their website.

Randall and Hopkirk Volume one is priced at £10.00
Randall and Hopkirk

Here’s a little look at what to expect from the restored Blu-ray release

Love classic British comedy then see what else has recently been released.

If you thought that was good news then the news keeps coming as Network have also decided to release Department S on Blu-ray.

Like Randall and Hopkirk volume one is available to pre-order. Release date looks to be around the 27th February 2017.

Department S Volume one is priced at £10.00
Department S Blu-ray

And this is the picture quality you can expect on Blu-ray.

It’s good to see classics be they film or television being given some love and attention, Network seem to have done a really good job restoring these releases.

Hopefully Network will keep the good work up by continuing to release the rest of The Sweeney on Blu-ray having released series 1 some time ago, that seems to be the one people are requesting be completed.