Rare Chills DVD Review – Perfect Viewing This Halloween

If like me you love a good supernatural tale then you might well be interested in a recent DVD release from Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment titled Rare Chills. It contains two rare supernatural tales from TV series which presumably have been long lost except for the odd episode.

What are they about? Let’s find out here’s my Rare Chills DVD Review.

  • Rare Chills
  • Total Running Time: 2 Episodes 53 Mins
  • UK Rating 15
  • Discs: 1
  • Released By Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment
  • Blu-ray Released: 13 August 2018
  • Television: Supernatural / Ghost Story

The two episodes seem to be from the TV Series The Fearmakers and Supernatural.

The Fearmakers: The Shadow of Death

An old man returns to a seemingly abandoned castle to recover a valuable item on a stormy night. With the storm getting worse he lights a fire and decides to wait the storm out. He soon realises he is far from alone…

Supernatural: Mrs Amworth

A small English village is under attack from a mysterious epidemic that sees the locals gradually drained of their blood. The local doctors are left baffled leading them to call in help from London. Meanwhile recent arrival Mrs Amworth is the life and soul of the village, could there be any connection?

Conclusion: Rare Chills DVD Review

These two episodes are incredibly atmospheric, especially the first one The Fearmakers: The Shadow of Death and would make for perfect viewing at Halloween.

The audio and picture quality is not great to be honest with the first episode having a rather annoying green line appearing from time to time on the right of the picture.

That said Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment makes it clear on the back of the DVD box that the overall quality is not fantastic stating: “Due to the archive nature of the material the sound and picture quality may vary occasionally.

I’m not going to be critical of this release in fact just the opposite. These are two odd episodes that would never be restored and certainly wouldn’t be economically viable to do so.

In fact I applaud Kaleidoscope for releasing them in the first place. It’s great to have the opportunity to view these two incredibly entertaining TV episodes and hopefully they may release other similar titles in the future.

Add this one to your must have list if you are a fan of supernatural tales. Just be aware that the sound and picture quality is poor.

Rare Chills is available now on DVD from Amazon.co.uk.

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Rare Chills DVD Review

Popcorn Cinema Rating: Rare Chills


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Summary: Rare Chills DVD Review
Rare Chills DVD Review

Movie title: Rare Chills - Collection Supernatural TV Episodes

Duration: 53 mins

Genre: Supernatural

  • Rare Chills DVD


  • The Fearmakers: The Shadow of Death
  • Supernatural: Mrs Amworth

Two episodes that are incredibly atmospheric, perfect viewing for Halloween.


  • Atmospheric
  • Released on DVD


  • Poor Sound & Picture Quality