Remember the Night Blu-ray Review – Fabulous 1940’s Romantic Comedy

It’s almost Christmas so it’s time for another festive offering. I give you my Remember the Night blu-ray review, a film from 1940 starring the fabulous Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray.

This one has not had an official UK release but the US version is available on Amazon and works just fine on UK blu-ray players.

  • Remember the Night (1940)
  • Blu-ray Import
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
  • Directed by Mitchell Leisen
  • Running Time: 94 mins
  • UK Rating N/A
  • Discs: 1
  • Released by Universal


When Lee Leander (Barbara Stanwyck) is arrested for stealing a bracelet from a New York jewellery store she finds herself in court just before Christmas.

Assistant district attorney, John ‘Jack’ Sargeant (Fred MacMurray), is assigned to prosecute her. He pushes for an adjournment until the New Year meaning Lee Leander will spend Christmas behind bars.

Feeling rather guilty for doing this Sargeant decides to have her bailed by bondsman Fat Mike. However what he doesn’t expect is for Fat Mike to deliver her to his apartment to look after.

The problem is his going to spend Christmas with his mother. As it turns out Lee’s mother lives on route so he offers to take her home and pick her up on his return journey.

Style / Direction

Director Mitchell Leisen delivers a truly fabulous Christmas romantic comedy. The film shot in black and white, makes excellent use of its settings, be it the courtroom or the rural family home.

Music / Audio Effects

The film’s music comes from Frederick Hollander.

Acting / Characters

Barbara Stanwyck as Lee Leander is excellent as women seemingly without care in the world and unable to stop stealing things.

Meanwhile Fred MacMurray as John Sargent is similarly good as an Assistant district attorney that may have lost sight of the important things in life.

The two work fabulously well together and is the key to the film’s success.


  • Barbara Stanwyck as Lee Leander
  • Fred MacMurray as John Sargent
  • Beulah Bondi as Mrs. Sargent
  • Elizabeth Patterson as Aunt Emma
  • Willard Robertson as Francis X. O’Leary
  • Sterling Holloway as “Chilly” Willie Simms
  • Charles Waldron as Judge (New York)
  • Paul Guilfoyle as District Attorney, John’s boss
  • Charles Arnt as Tom
  • Fred ‘Snowflake’ Toones as Rufus, John’s servant
  • Tom Kennedy as “Fat” Mike, the bail bondsman
  • Georgia Caine as Lee’s Mother
  • John Wray as Farmer Hank
  • Thomas W. Ross as Mr. Emory, small town judge
  • Virginia Brissac as Mrs. Emory
  • Spencer Charters as Judge at Rummage Sale

Conclusion: Remember the Night (1940) Film Review

It’s another classic Christmas film I highly recommend you give a look. Especially if you love films such The Shop Around the Corner (1940).

The acting good and chemistry between the two leads really makes the film one to remember. Add this one to your festive viewing.

Remember the Night Blu-ray Review

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Conclusion: Remember the Night (1940) Blu-ray Review

I should just say that the film has yet to receive an official UK release but you can easily obtain the US version, which plays fine on UK Blu-ray players.

With that out of the way let’s focus on the movies picture quality. Well there’s excellent news on that front as the image is pretty much perfect.

You can obtain the USA Blu-ray of Remember the Night (1940) via

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Remember the Night Blu-ray Review

Popcorn Cinema Rating:

Remember the Night (1940)




Remember the Night (1940) Trailer

For those of you yet to see the film I’ll leave you with a little taster…

Clip NOT representative of the Blu-ray version

That concludes my Remember the Night Blu-ray review, let me know what you thought of the film over on our Facebook page. I’m aiming to review more romantic comedies soon. What’s next? Check back soon…

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Summary: Remember the Night (1940) Blu-ray Review
Remember the Night Blu-ray Review

Movie title: Remember the Night (1940)

Duration: 94 mins

Director(s): Mitchell Leisen

Actor(s): Barbara Stanwyck, Fred MacMurray

Genre: Romance, Comedy

  • Movie Rating
  • Blu-ray Rating


A thoroughly enjoyable romantic Christmas classic


  • Good Story
  • Well Cast
  • Magical Christmas Romance
  • Excellent Picture Quality


  • No Official UK Blu-ray Release