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If you love old films then there really is only one television channel in the UK to watch, Talking Pictures TV. It’s full of rarely seen films along with many classics with the likes of Peter Sellers, Stanley Baker, Dirk Bogarde, Alastair Sim & Will Hay for instance. Plus comedy from the great Laurel and Hardy. But that’s not all as they also show old TV series such as Scotland Yard, Public Eye, The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre, The Gentle Touch & A Family At War.

You can find Talking Pictures TV on Sky 328 | Virgin 445 | Freeview 81 | Freesat 306
Talking Pictures TV –

These are the highlights for this month:

DateTimeFilm / TV SeriesInfo
Wed08/01/202004:45The Flying Deuces (1939)Laurel & Hardy
Wed08/01/202011:30Crooks Anonymous (1962)Comedy - Stars Leslie Phillips, Stanley Baxter & Wilfrid Hyde-White
Wed08/01/202013:15On the Fiddle (1961)Comedy - Stars Alfred Lynch, Sean Connery & Cecil Parker
Wed08/01/202015:15It Should Happen To You (1954)Comedy - Stars Judy Holliday, Peter Lawford & Jack Lemmon
Wed08/01/202017:00They Came From Beyond Space (1967)Sci-fi
Thu09/01/202014:30I Didn't Do It (1945)Comedy - Stars George Formby, Billy Caryll, Hilda Mundy & Wally Patch
Thu09/01/202000:00Psyche 59 (1964)Drama
Fri10/01/202014:30Notorious (1946)Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Stars Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman & Claude Rains
Fri10/01/202021:00HazellTV Series
Fri10/01/202022:00Horror of Frankenstein (1971)Hammer Horror - Stars Ralph Bates
Fri10/01/202000:00Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966)Hammer Horror - Stars Christopher Lee, Barbara Shelley & Andrew Keir
Sat11/01/202012:00No Kidding (1960)Comedy - Leslie Phillips, Geraldine Mcewan, Julia Lockwood, Noel Purcell & Irene Handl
Sat11/01/202013:40The Teckman Mystery (1954)Drama - Stars Margaret Leighton, John Justin & Roland Culver
Sat11/01/202015:30CatweazleTV Series
Sat11/01/202016:00Warlords of Atlantis (1978)Adventure - Stars Doug McClure, Peter Gilmore & Cyd Charisse
Sat11/01/202018:00They Came From Beyond Space (1967)Sci-fi
Sat11/01/202021:30The Medusa Touch (1978)Horror - Stars Richard Burton, Lee Remick & Lino Ventura
Sat11/01/202023:40The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)Stars Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon & Barry Bostwick
Sun12/01/202007:20Oh, Mr Porter! (1937)Comedy - Stars Will Hay, Graham Moffatt & Moore Marriott
Sun12/01/202009:25You Must Be Joking (1965)Comedy - Stars Michael Callan, Denholm Elliot, Terry-Thomas & James Robertson Justice
Sun12/01/202015:30CatweazleTV Series
Sun12/01/202016:00Vote for Huggett (1949)Comedy - Stars Jack Warner, Kathleen Harrison, Susan Shaw, Petula Clark, Diana Dors
Sun12/01/202018:00Get Some In!TV Series
Sun12/01/202018:30Tell Me AnotherTV Series
Sun12/01/202019:10Up The Chastity Belt (1971)Stars Frankie Howerd, Eartha Kitt, Anna Quayle
Sun12/01/202021:00Mystery and ImaginationTV Series - The Curse of the Mummy
Sun12/01/202022:50The Beauty Jungle (1964)Comedy - Stars Janette Scott, Ian Hendry, Edmund Purdom & Sid James
Mon13/01/202011:30The Old Dark House (1963)Comedy. Directed by William Castle. Stars Fenella Fielding, Tom Poston, Robert Morley & Janette Scott
Mon13/01/202015:20Cash on Demand (1961)Drama - Stars Peter Cushing, Andre Morell & Richard Vernon
Mon13/01/202021:00Special BranchTV Series
Tue14/01/202022:00Nowhere to Run (1978)Drama - Stars David Janssen, Stefanie Powers, Linda Evans & Allen Garfield
Tue14/01/202000:00Man in the Middle (1964)Drama - Stars Robert Mitchum, France Nuyen & Barry Sullivan
Wed15/01/202007:25The Love Lottery (1954)Comedy - Stars David Niven, Peggy Cummins and Herbert Lom
Wed15/01/202009:10The Games (1970)Drama - Directed Michael Winner. Stars Michael Crawford, Ryan O'Neal, Jeremy Kemp & Charles Aznavour
Wed15/01/202014:55Magic Town (1947)Comedy - James Stewart, Jane Wyman & Kent Smith
Wed15/01/202018:55Kind Hearts & Coronets (1949)Comedy - Stars Alec Guinness, Dennis Price & Valerie Hobson
Thu16/01/202018:50Malta Story (1953)War - Stars Alec Guinness, Jack Hawkins, Muriel Pavlow, Anthony Steel & Flora Robson
Thu16/01/202022:00They Were Sisters (1945)Drama - Stars Phyllis Calvert, James Mason, Hugh Sinclair, Anne Crawford & Dulcie Gray
Fri17/01/202021:00HazellTV Series
Fri17/01/202023:50The Mind Of Mr Soames (1970)Drama - Stars Terence Stamp, Robert Vaughn & Nigel Davenport
Sat18/01/202008:00Target Earth (1954)Sci-fi
Sat18/01/202009:50The Terrornauts (1967)Sci-fi
Sat18/01/202012:00On the Night of the Fire (1939)Drama - Stars Ralph Richardson, Diana Wynyard & Romney Bren
Sat18/01/202014:10The Flying Deuces (1939)Laurel & Hardy
Sat18/01/202015:30CatweazleTV Series
Sat18/01/202019:25The October Man (1947)Crime Drama - Stars John Mills, Edward Chapman, Joan Greenwood
Sat18/01/202023:25The Comedy Man (1964)Drama - Stars Kenneth More, Cecil Parker & Dennis Price. Charles Byrd
Sat18/01/202001:15The Deadly Affair (1966)Thriller - Directed by Sidney Lumet Stars James Mason, Simone Signoret
Sun19/01/202010:40The Ghost of St. Michael's (1941)Comedy - Stars Will Hay, Claude Hulbert, Felix Aylmer
Sun19/01/202012:20A Run For Your Money (1949)Comedy - Stars Alec Guinness, Donald Houston, Moira Lister & Hugh Griffith
Sun19/01/202015:30CatweazleTV Series
Sun19/01/202018:00Get Some In!TV Series
Mon20/01/202009:10Sparrows Can't Sing (1963)Comedy - Stars James Booth, Barbara Windsor & Roy Kinnear
Mon20/01/202013:30The Square Peg (1958)Comedy - Stars Norman Wisdom, Edward Chapman, Honor Blackman & Hattie Jacques
Mon20/01/202021:00Special BranchTV Series
Mon20/01/202022:00Hell Drivers (1957)Drama - Stars Stanley Baker, David McCallum, Sid James and Sean Connery
Tue21/01/202009:30Doublecross (1955)Drama - Stars Donald Houston, Fay Compton, William Hartnell
Tue21/01/202015:30Sleeping Tiger (1954)Drama - Stars Dirk Bogarde, Alexis Smith & Alexander Knox
Wed22/01/202022:05Personal Services (1987)Comedy - Directed by Terry Jones. Stars Julie Walters, Alec McCowen, Shirley Stelfox
Thu23/01/202011:55The Pickwick Papers (1952)Comedy - Stars James Hayter, Nigel Patrick, Kathleen Harrison & Harry Fowler
Thu23/01/202000:00Silkwood (1983)Drama - Stars Meryl Streep, Cher, Kurt Russell & Craig T Nelson
Fri24/01/202011:40Heavens Above! (1963)Comedy - Stars Peter Sellers, Ian Carmichael, Cecil Parker & Eric Sykes
Fri24/01/202021:00HazellTV Series
Fri24/01/202022:00Sewers of Gold (1979)Crime Thriller - Stars Ian McShane, Christopher Matthew & Warren Clarke
Sat25/01/202006:55The Frightened Man (1952)Crime Drama. Directed by John Gilling. Starring Dermot Walsh, Barbara Murray & Thora Hird
Sat25/01/202008:20The Ghost Train (1941)Comedy Horror - Stars Arthur Askey, Richard Murdoch & Kathleen Harrison
Sat25/01/202015:30CatweazleTV Series
Sat25/01/202022:20Town on Trial (1957)Drama - Directed by John Guillermin. Stars John Mills, Charles Coburn, Derek Farr & Barbara Bates
Sun26/01/202007:15Secret Mission (1942)War - Stars James Mason, Michael Wilding, Carla Lehmann & Hugh Williams
Sun26/01/202009:10The Iron Maiden (1962)Comedy - Stars Michael Craig & Joan Sims
Sun26/01/202011:15I See a Dark Stranger (1946)War - Stars Deborah Kerr, Trevor Howard, Raymond Huntley
Sun26/01/202013:35The Wrong Arm Of the Law (1963)Comedy - Stars Peter Sellers, Lionel Jeffries, Bernard Cribbins & Nanette Newman
Sun26/01/202015:30CatweazleTV Series
Sun26/01/202018:00Get Some In!TV Series
Sun26/01/202022:00Nothing But the Night (1972)Mystery - Stars Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Diana Dors
Mon27/01/202008:30Odd Man Out (1947)Thriller - Stars Robert Newton, James Mason, Fay Compton & William Hartnell
Mon27/01/202011:30Bell Bottom George (1944)Drama - Stars George Formby, Anne Firth & Reginald Purdell
Mon27/01/202018:25Rebecca (1940)Mystery - Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, Stars Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontanie & George Sanders
Mon27/01/202021:00Special BranchTV Series
Tue28/01/202013:20Follow A Star (1959)Comedy - Stars Norman Wisdom, June Laverick, Fenella Fielding
Tue28/01/202015:30Raise the Titanic (1980)Drama - Stars Jason Robards, Richard Jordan, David Selby, Anne Archer & Alec Guinness
Tue28/01/202017:50The Monkey's Paw (1948)Horror - Stars Michael Martin-Harvey, Sydney Tafler & Alfie Bass
Tue28/01/202022:00The Big Gamble (1961)Comedy - Stars Stephen Boyd, Juliette Greco, David Wayne & Sybil Thorndike
Wed29/01/202013:10The Shiralee (1957)Drama - Stars Peter Finch, Dana Wilson, Elizabeth Sellars & Sid James
Wed29/01/202018:50Hell Drivers (1957)Drama - Stars Stanley Baker, David McCallum, Sid James and Sean Connery
Thu30/01/202014:45The Devil & Daniel Webster (1941)Drama - Stars James Craig as Jabez Stone
Fri31/01/202008:25The Ghost Camera (1933)Crime Drama
Fri31/01/202009:45Night Was Our Friend (1951)Crime Drama
Fri31/01/202011:45Spellbound (1945)Drama - Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Stars Ingrid Bergman, Gregory Peck & Michael Chekhov
Fri31/01/202019:00Crooks In Cloisters (1964)Comedy - Stars Barbara Windsor, Bernard Cribbins & Melvyn Hayes
Fri31/01/202021:00HazellTV Series
Fri31/01/202022:00Blood From The Mummy's Tomb (1971)Horror - Stars Andrew Keir, Valerie Leon, James Villiers
Fri31/01/202023:50A Man Called Sledge (1970)Western - Stars James Garner, Dennis Weaver, Claude Akins
Sat01/02/202008:55Demobbed (1944)Comedy - Stars Norman Evans, Nat Jackley and Dan Young
Sat01/02/202012:20Devil Girl From Mars (1954)Sci-fi
Sat01/02/202017:30A Canterbury Tale (1944)War - Stars Eric Portman, Shelia Sim, Dennis Price
Sat01/02/202020:05Nor the Moon By Night (1958)Adventure - Stars Michael Craig, Belinda Lee, Patrick McGoohan
Sat01/02/202022:05And Soon the Darkness (1970)Horror - Stars Pamela Franklin, Michele Dotrice & Sandor Eles
Sun02/02/202007:40The Stranger (1946)Directed by Orson Welle - Stars Orson Welles, Edward G. Robinson & Loretta Young
Sun02/02/202016:00Rockets Galore (1958)Comedy - Stars Jeannie Carson, Donald Sinden, Roland Culver
Sun02/02/202018:00Get Some In!TV Series
Sun02/02/202018:30Tell Me AnotherTV Series
Sun02/02/202022:00True As A Turtle (1957)Comedy - Stars John Gregson, Cecil Parker, June Thorburn
Sun02/02/202000:00What A Crazy World (1963)Musical - Stars Joe Brown, Susan Maughan, Harry H Corbett & Marty Wilde

Many of the films shown are also now available on Blu-ray and DVD.