The Awful Truth (1937) Blu-ray Review

The Criterion Collection has recently released a 4K remastered version of the classic Cary Grant screwball comedy film The Awful Truth (1937) on to Blu-ray.  Have they done a good job?  Let’s find out here’s my The Awful Truth Blu-ray Review.

  • The Awful Truth (1937)
  • B/W
  • UK Rating U
  • Discs: 1
  • Released By The Criterion Collection
  • Blu-ray Released: 23rd April 2018
  • Genre: Screwball Comedy


Jerry Warriner (Cary Grant) and wife Lucy’s (Irene Dunne) marriage seems to have run its course.  Lucy demands a divorce and Jerry agrees however despite this they seem unwilling to lead separate lives constantly interfering in each other’s affairs.  Could it be they are still very much in love?

Style / Direction

The film is directed by Leo McCarey with the cinematography handled by Joseph Walker.  This is a screwball comedy with plenty witty snappy dialogue alongside a little slapstick all of which manages to keep the film moving along at a good pace whilst retaining a certain amount of merriment.

Music / Audio Effects

The music is provided by Ben Oakland.

Acting / Characters

If you like Cary Grant playing his typical style of acting then you are in for a treat as he really excels at this type of comedy.  Alongside him is Irene Dunne, they play a married couple on the verge of divorce, an event that obviously neither of them wishes to actually happen.  The two of them spark off each other resulting in a thoroughly enjoyable screwball comedy.


  • Cary Grant as Jerry Warriner
  • Irene Dunne as Lucy Warriner
  • Ralph Bellamy as Dan Leeson
  • Alexander D’Arcy as Armand Duvalle
  • Cecil Cunningham as Aunt Patsy
  • Molly Lamont as Barbara Vance

Conclusion: The Awful Truth Film Review

The Awful Truth is a easy going fun hour and half’s entertainment starring two excellent actors.  For fans of Cary Grant this is a must see / must have on blu-ray.

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Conclusion: The Awful Truth Blu-ray Review

There’s good news, the film has undergone a 4K digital restoration and looks superb.  There are no annoying marks anywhere to be seen, whilst the image is clean and sharp.  I have no complaints with this restoration and it really highlights just what can be achieved if the time and money is made available.

It’s a real shame that the film I reviewed previous to this one, There Was a Crooked Man (1960) starring Norman Wisdom didn’t receive even half as much attention as this release.

On to the extras and the one feature you should ensure you take look at is “Tell Me Lies About Cary Grant” which tells the story of how the Cary Grant we all know and love came to be.  Director Leo McCarey helped to create this iconic persona.  In fact you could say that The Awful Truth (1937) is the first film in which he fully develops the cool calm persona we all wish we had.  It’s a thoroughly interesting look at the different acting styles of Cary Grant and a must see for all film fans.

Make no mistake this blu-ray version is a must have for all Cary Grant fans.


  • Tell Me Lies About Cary Grant (16 mins)
  • Interview with film critic Gary Giddins (24 mins)
  • Irene Dunne Audio Interview
  • Lux Radio Theatre
  • Booklet

Popcorn Cinema Rating:

To The Awful Truth (1937)




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The Awful Truth (1937) Blu-ray Review

The Awful Truth (1937) Trailer

For those of you yet to see the film I’ll leave you with a little taster…

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Summary: The Awful Truth (1937) Blu-ray Review
The Awful Truth (1937) Blu-ray Review

Movie title: The Awful Truth (1937)

Movie description: Screwball comedy film starring Irene Dunne & Cary Grant

Duration: 91 mins

Director(s): Leo McCarey

Actor(s): Cary Grant, Irene Dunne, Ralph Bellamy, Alexander D'Arcy, Cecil Cunningham, Molly Lamont

Genre: Comedy

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The Awful Truth is a must see for all Cary Grant fans.