The Babadook 4K UHD / Blu-ray – Second Sight Films March Release

Second Sight Films has just released The Babadook 4K UHD / blu-ray in the UK. It has been 4K mastered by the original post production facility and presented in HDR10.

As the film only came out in 2014, I reviewed the original blu-ray release, I’m not sure how much better the picture quality can look.

4K mastered by the original post production facility and presented in HDR10

Second Sight Films

The cult 2014 horror film, The Babadook (2014) is an Australian psychological horror film written and directed by Jennifer Kent. It’s a decent enough horror film that just lacks a certain something that would have made it really good one.


The Babadook 4K UHD / Blu-ray

This new release comes packed full of extras as you can see listed below.


  • 4K mastered by the original post production facility and presented in HDR10
  • Audio Commentary by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas and Josh Nelson
  • This Is My House!: an interview with Essie Davis
  • The Sister: interview with Hayley McElhinney
  • Don’t Let It In: an interview with Kristina Ceyton
  • Conjuring Nightmares: an interview with Kristian Moliere
  • Shaping Darkness: an interview with Simon Njoo
  • If It’s in a Name or in a Look: interview with Alex Holmes
  • The Bookmaker: an interview with Alexander Juhasz
  • Ba-Ba-Ba…Dook!: an interview with Jed Kurzel
  • Monster: short film
  • They Call Him Mister Babadook: The Making Of
  • There’s No Place Like Home: Creating the House
  • Special Effects: Stabbing Scene
  • The Stunts
  • Illustrating Evil: Creating the Book

You can pick up the 4K Ultra HD version now at for £21.94, whilst the Blu-ray is priced at £15.99 (Prices correct as of 03.04.22).

Alternatively you can purchase it direct from the Second Sight Films website for £22.99 / £15.99 or HMV £24.99 / £17.99 (Prices correct as of 03.04.22).

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The Babadook 4K UHD / Blu-ray released in the UK on the 28th March 2022.

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