The Day of The Triffids Blu-ray Review – Classic 1981 BBC Sci-fi

The Day of The Triffids Blu-ray Review

It’s time I looked at a recent blu-ray release of a classic sci-fi story. This is my The Day of The Triffids blu-ray review. This is the BBC adaptation that aired between the 10th September – 15th October 1981 on BBC One over six episodes. I remember seeing this version maybe in 1984 and it sticking with me, I always thought it to be a very good adaptation.

Will my memory still hold true once I’ve revisited it several years later? I certainly hope so!

There’s some good news too as the BBC has carried out a new restoration.

  • The Day of The Triffids (1981)
  • TV Adaptation
  • Genre: Sci-fi
  • Based on the John Wyndham Story
  • Episodes: 6
  • UK Rating PG
  • Discs: 1
  • Released By BBC
  • Blu-ray Released: 7 September 2020


Bill a Triffid farmer is in hospital following an eye injury from a Triffid incident. Triffids are large plants that are able to move and are farmed for their oil. However they are also very dangerous as they are carnivorous.

Bill is in good spirits upon waking as he is due to have his bandages removed. This meant that he had to miss out on the previous night’s excitement. Whilst the rest of the world watched a spectacular meteorite shower Bill was unable to see.

However the meteorite shower had an unexpected effect, its caused anyone that saw it to go blind. The world doesn’t take long to descend into chaos especially as the Triffids are now on the loose!

Style / Direction

This television adaptation creates a feeling hopelessness and tension that such events could be happening on UK streets. The Triffids are only one horror to contend with as the whole government of the UK simply falls apart and people are separated into those that can see and those that choose to exploit their power.

Music / Audio Effects

The sound effects of the Triffids are particularly terrifying if you put yourself in the shoes of the newly blind folk simply trying to survive day by day.

Acting / Characters

The main cast is quite small and concentrates on just a handful of characters. All of the cast deliver believable performances with John Duttine as Bill Masen, Emma Relph as Josella Payton and Maurice Colbourne as Jack Coker the main focus of attention.


  • John Duttine as Bill Masen
  • Emma Relph as Josella Payton
  • Maurice Colbourne as Jack Coker
  • Stephen Yardley as John
  • Gary Olsen as Torrence

Conclusion: The Day of The Triffids (1981) TV Adaptation Review

So having just watched this BBC adaptation of The Day of The Triffids is it as good as I remember? Well in short pretty much. The problem with many of these mini-series tends to be a lull in storytelling during the middle part. Fortunately I didn’t really find that here the story moved along pretty well.

I still love that 70/80’s feel and vibe, a period in which so much good television was produced. So to conclude yes I really enjoyed this trip down memory lane and the BBC’s The Day of The Triffids (1981) still holds up very well today.

I highly recommend giving it a look especially if you were around the first time it aired on television.

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Conclusion: The Day of The Triffids Blu-ray Review

I have to say I’m very impressed by this BBC blu-ray release, the restoration is pretty much perfect. The picture quality is sharp and clean. I strongly recommend taking a look at the ‘Restoration Featurette’ which shows the before and after.

I’ve seen some criticism on a couple of customer reviews over the way in which 16mm location film and upscaled video for interior scenes are handled. In my opinion there is no issue, it all looks fine and I have no hesitation in recommending this blu-ray version.


  • Restoration Featurette (8 mins)

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The Day of The Triffids Blu-ray Review

Popcorn Cinema Rating:

The Day of The Triffids (1981)


The Day of The Triffids (1981) Film Trailer

For those of you yet to see the film I’ll leave you with a little taster…

Clip not representative of the blu-ray version

That concludes The Day of The Triffids blu-ray review. I’m aiming to review more classic television soon. What’s next? Check back soon…

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Summary: The Day of The Triffids (1981) BBC TV Adaptation Blu-ray Review
The Day of The Triffids Blu-ray Review

Movie title: The Day of The Triffids (1981) BBC Television

Movie description: BBC Television Adaptation of John Wyndham's The Day of The Triffids. 6 Episodes

Duration: 157 mins

Author: John Wyndham

Director(s): Ken Hannam

Actor(s): John Duttine, Emma Relph, Maurice Colbourne, Stephen Yardley, Gary Olsen

Genre: Sci-fi

  • Blu-ray Rating


A tremendous television adapation of a classic sci-fi story fabulously restored & brought to blu-ray


  • Compelling Sci-fi Story
  • Good Cast
  • Excellent Restoration


  • None