The Martian: Movie Trailer

The Martian Movie Trailer (Sci-Fi Adventure)

So lets take a look at Matt Damon’s latest offering, check out the The Martian movie trailer

  • Starring Matt Damon ; Jessica Chastain ; Kristen Wiig ; Jeff Daniels

When a NASA manned mission to mar goes horribly wrong, astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is presumed dead and left behind. However Mark Watney is alive and stuck on Mars with only his own resourcefulness to keep himself alive.

Here is The Martian movie trailer

Film released in the UK and US 2nd October 2015


It looks like one I will take a look at, but what did you make of the The Martian move trailer?  Are excited about it or maybe you are waiting for Matt Damon returning in Jason Bourne, or is that just me!

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