The War with Grandpa Blu-ray Review – 2020 De Niro Family Comedy – Hit or Miss?

It’s time to check out Robert De Niro’s family comedy film from 2020. Is it a good laugh or another embarrassing mess? Here is The War with Grandpa blu-ray review.

  • The War with Grandpa (2020)
  • Blu-ray American Import
  • Genre: Family Comedy
  • Directed by Tim Hill
  • UK Rating N/A
  • Discs: 1
Picture: Universal Pictures


A grandfather is asked to come and live with the family so he won’t be lonely. However this mean’s one of the grandchildren will have to give up their room and move into the attic. That person is Peter and he decides to go to war with his grandfather in an effort to win back his bedroom.

Style / Direction

Director Tim Hill delivers mildly amusing family comedy. Greg Gardiner provides the cinematography.

Picture: Universal Pictures

Music / Audio Effects

The film’s score comes from Aaron Zigman.

Acting / Characters

The acting is pretty good all-round with the Robert De Niro as Ed, the grandfather and Uma Thurman as his daughter. These two are the best of the adult performers.

Peter (Oakes Fegley) has to give up his bedroom to his grandfather played by Robert De Niro. The film centres around these two and they do have good chemistry and have some funny moments.

The other stand out is Ed’s youngest granddaughter Jenny played by Poppy Gagnon. She in many ways steals the show.

Other noteworthy mentions are Christopher Walken and Jane Seymour.

The War with Grandpa
Picture: Universal Pictures


  • Robert De Niro as Ed Marino (Grandfather)
  • Oakes Fegley as Peter Decker
  • Uma Thurman as Sally Marino-Decker
  • Rob Riggle as Arthur Decker
  • Laura Marano as Mia Decker
  • Poppy Gagnon as Jenny Decker
  • Cheech Marin as Danny
  • Christopher Walken as Jerry
  • Jane Seymour as Diane
  • Juliocesar Chavez as Billy
  • Isaac Kragten as Steve
  • T.J. McGibbon as Emma
  • Colin Ford as Russell
  • Joe Gelchion as Chuck
  • Faizon Love as David
  • Rutanya Alda as Lynn Marino.
  • Kendrick Cross as Insurance Adjuster.
  • Drew Scheid as the 8th Grade Monster.

Conclusion: The War with Grandpa (2020) Film Review

Whilst I doubt I’ll ever watch this film again it’s a decent amusing affair that’s perfect family viewing.

Picture: Universal Pictures

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Conclusion: The War with Grandpa Blu-ray Review

The version I’m reviewing here is an American import as the UK has again been left with only a DVD release. Why? In any case it works fine on UK Blu-ray players and has perfect picture quality because it’s a brand new movie.

Popcorn Cinema Rating:

The War with Grandpa (2020)



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The War with Grandpa (2020) Film Trailer

For those of you yet to see the film I’ll leave you with a little taster…

Clip may NOT be representative of the Blu-ray version

That concludes my The War with Grandpa Blu-ray review, I’m aiming to review more family films soon. What’s next? Check back soon…

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Summary: The War with Grandpa (2020) Blu-ray Review
The War with Grandpa

Movie title: The War with Grandpa (2020)

Duration: 95 mins

Director(s): Tim Hill

Actor(s): Robert De Niro, Oakes Fegley, Uma Thurman, Rob Riggle, Laura Marano, Poppy Gagnon, Christopher Walken, Jane Seymour

Genre: Family, Comedy

  • Movie Rating
  • Blu-ray Picture Rating


An amusing family comedy