Think You Know Your Halloween Films?

October means a horror to us here Popcorn Cinema Show, and what better way to enjoy Halloween than with a movie quiz.  So, think you know your Halloween films?

Let’s get started with our Halloween films quiz…

Question #1: What year did the original Halloween film come out?

Question #2: What is Jamie Lee Curtis’s character name in the Halloween films?

Question #3: In Halloween III what is name of the mask company?

Question #4: In Halloween III who is in charge of the mask company?

Question #5: Where does most of Halloween II take place?

Question #6: What is the full title of Halloween 4?

Question #7: What year was Halloween 5 released?

Question #8: What was Donald Pleasence’s last Halloween film?

Question #9: Which of these Psycho actors appeared in Halloween H20?

Question #10: Who provided the score for the original 1978 Halloween film


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