Think You Know Your Halloween Films?

October means a horror to us here Popcorn Cinema Show, and what better way to enjoy Halloween than with a movie quiz.  So, think you know your Halloween films?

Let’s get started with our Halloween films quiz…


Congratulations! You really do know your Michael Myers from your Conal Cochran.

Never mind, its a good excuse to pop on a Blu-ray!

#1. What year did the original Halloween film come out?

#2. What is Jamie Lee Curtis’s character name in the Halloween films?

#3. In Halloween III what is name of the mask company?

#4. In Halloween III who is in charge of the mask company?

#5. Where does most of Halloween II take place?

#6. What is the full title of Halloween 4?

#7. What year was Halloween 5 released?

#8. What was Donald Pleasence’s last Halloween film?

#9. Which of these Psycho actors appeared in Halloween H20?

#10. Who provided the score for the original 1978 Halloween film



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