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If you are looking for a good film in the United Kingdom then you need to be watching television channels such as Talking Pictures TV, Horror Channel and Film4. All of these are free to air channels meaning they can be viewed on Freeview. Here our pick of the TV Schedules:

  • Talking Pictures TV available on Sky 328 | Virgin 445 | Freeview 81 | Freesat 306
  • Horror Channel available on Sky | Virgin 149 | Freeview 70 | Freesat 138
  • Film4 available on Sky 313 | Virgin 428 (SD) & 429 (HD) | Freeview 15

Talking Pictures specialise in showing older vintage material with many black and white films along with films into the 1970/80’s. If for instance you love the likes of Laurel and Hardy, Will Hay, Alfred Hitchcock then this is most definitely the channel for you. The good news continues as they add different films into the mix each month so you are not just watching the same films or TV series over and over again, UK Gold take note!

The Horror Channel shows a good mix of old and new horror/sci-fi films and also have network premieres every month to keep things fresh.

Film4 is a more general film channel which shows films from all genres. It has themed seasons such as Frightfest in which they show horror movies each night over a few weeks.

Meanwhile we always like to select our must see choices from all of the TV channels over the Christmas period.

What’s On Television – UK TV Schedules

DateTimeFilm / TV SeriesInfo
Mon17/12/201810:35King Solomon's Mines (1937)Adventure - Paul Robeson, Cedric Hardwicke & Anna Lee
Mon17/12/201813:45The Old Dark House (1963)Comedy - Stars Fenella Fielding, Tom Poston, Robert Morley & Janette Scott
Mon17/12/201817:10Brats (1930)Laurel & Hardy
Mon17/12/201820:00Danger UXBTV Series
Mon17/12/201823:00The Gentle TouchCrime Drama - Starring Jill Gascoine
Mon17/12/20180:00KOTCH (1971)Comedy - Starring Walter Matthau, Jack Lemmon & Deborah Winters
Tue18/12/20188:50Heavens Above! (1963)Comedy - Starring Peter Sellers, Ian Carmichael, Cecil Parker & Eric Sykes
Tue18/12/201811:10Valley Of Eagles (1951)Adventure - Jack Warner & Nadia Gray
Tue18/12/201812:50Family Christmas – Glimpses
Tue18/12/201818:00Devil Girls From Mars (1954)Sci-fi
Tue18/12/201820:00Danger UXBTV Series
Tue18/12/201822:50Christmas In Britain – Glimpses
Tue18/12/201823:00The Gentle TouchCrime Drama - Starring Jill Gascoine
Tue18/12/20180:00The Comeback Kid (1980)Comedy - Stars John Ritter, Susan Dey, Patrick Swayze & Doug McKeon
Wed19/12/20188:35Spellbound (1945)Drama - Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Stars Ingrid Bergman, Gregory Peck & Michael Chekhov
Wed19/12/201813:20Moulin Rouge (1952)Drama - Director: John Huston. Stars Jose Ferrer & Zsa Zsa Gabor
Wed19/12/201819:45Christmas Carols in 1947 – Glimpses
Wed19/12/201820:00Danger UXBTV Series
Wed19/12/201823:00The Gentle TouchCrime Drama - Starring Jill Gascoine
Wed19/12/20180:00Soft Beds, Hard Battles (1973)Comedy - Stars Peter Sellers, Curt Jurgens, Francoise Pascal, Rula Lenska & Jenny Hanley
Thur20/12/201810:40Fighting Man of the Plains (1949)Western - Stars Randolph Scott, Bill Williams & Victor Jory
Thur20/12/201812:30The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case (1930)Laurel & Hardy
Thur20/12/201813:10The Devil & Daniel Webster (1941)Drama - Starring James Craig as Jabez Stone
Thur20/12/201818:00Last Holiday (1950)Drama- Stars Alec Guinness, Beatrice Campbell & Kay Walsh
Thur20/12/201819:45BFI: Christmas Under Fire
Thur20/12/201820:00Danger UXBTV Series
Thur20/12/201821:00Sleeping Tiger (1954)Drama - Stars Dirk Bogarde, Alexis Smith & Alexander Knox
Thur20/12/201822:45The Christmas Truce of 1914 – Lest We Forget
Thur20/12/201823:00The Gentle TouchCrime Drama - Starring Jill Gascoine
Fri21/12/20188:50Since You Went Away (1944)Drama - Stars Claudette Colbert, Jennifer Jones, Shirley Temple & Joseph Cotten
Fri21/12/201814:40Here Come The Huggetts (1948)Comedy - Stars Jack Warner, Kathleen Harrison, Petula Clark
Fri21/12/201820:00Danger UXB
Fri21/12/201822:45The Night Before Christmas – 1946Adaptation of the famous poem
Fri21/12/201823:00The Gentle Touch
Sat22/12/201807:15The Trollenberg Terror (1958)
Sat22/12/201808:50Oh, Mr Porter! (1937)Will Hay
Sat22/12/201814:20Crooks Anonymous (1962)Comedy - Starring Leslie Phillips, Stanley Baxter & Wilfrid Hyde-White
Sat22/12/201816:05The Long & The Short & The Tall (1961)War - Stars Richard Todd, Laurence Harvey & Richard Harris
Sat22/12/201818:05Sparrows Can't Sing (1963)Comedy - Starring James Booth, Barbara Windsor & Roy Kinnear
Sat22/12/201822:05All The Way Up (1970)Comedy - Stars Warren Mitchell, Pat Heywood & Elaine Taylor
Sun23/12/201818:30A Night To Remember (1958)Drama - Stars Kenneth More, Ronald Allen, Robert Ayres & Honor Blackman
Sun23/12/201822:10Circle of Danger (1951)Drama - Stars Ray Milland, Patricia Roc & Marius Goring
Sun23/12/201823:45Conrack (1974)Drama - Stars Starring Jon Voight, Paul Winfield and Madge Sinclair
Mon24/12/201807:45Busy Bodies (1933)Laurel & Hardy
Mon24/12/201808:10Scrooge (1935)Stars Seymour Hicks
Mon24/12/201811:30Towed In A Hole (1932)
Mon24/12/201811:55Home For Christmas (1990)
Mon24/12/201813:55High Flight (1957)Drama - Stars Ray Milland, Bernard Lee, Kenneth Haigh & Anthony Newley
Mon24/12/201816:50For the Love of AdaTV Series - Christmas Special - Starring Irene Handl, Wilfred Pickles & Barbara Mitchell
Mon24/12/201817:30Great Expectations (1974)Drama - Stars Michael York, Sarah Miles, Margaret Leighton, James Mason & Anthony Quayle
Mon24/12/201821:05The Holly and the Ivy (1952)Drama - Stars Ralph Richardson & Celia Johnson
Tue25/12/201805:45Christmas Carols in 1947
Tue25/12/201806:00Good Morning, Boys (1937)Will Hay
Tue25/12/201807:45Waterloo Road (1944)Drama - Stars Stewart Granger, John Mills, Alastair Sim & Joy Shelton
Tue25/12/201809:20The Ugly Duckling (1959)Drama - Stars Bernard Bresslaw, Jon Pertwee, Reginald Beckwith & Richard Wattis
Tue25/12/201811:15Bulldog Breed (1960)Norman Wisdom
Tue25/12/201813:50Scrooge: A Christmas Carol (1951)Alastair Sim
Tue25/12/201817:40Oliver Twist (1948)Drama - Stars Alec Guinness, Robert Newton & Kay Walsh
Tue25/12/201801:05Prizzi's Honour (1986)Jack Nicholson
Wed26/12/201808:05Bell Bottom George (1944)Drama - Starring George Formby, Anne Firth & Reginald Purdell
Wed26/12/201810:30Beyond Christmas (1940)Drama - Stars Harry Carey, C. Aubrey Smith & Charles Winninger
Wed26/12/201813:45Passport To Pimlico (1949)Comedy - Stars Stanley Holloway, Betty Warren & Margaret Rutherford
Wed26/12/201818:15The Blue Lamp (1949)Drama - Stars Dirk Bogarde, Jack Warner & Jimmy Hanley
Wed26/12/201821:00Quatermass and the Pit (1967)Mystery - Stars James Donald, Andrew Keir & Barbara Shelley
Wed26/12/201823:00Lured (1947)Crime - Stars George Sanders, Lucille Ball, Charles Coburn & Boris Karloff
Thur27/12/201807:50Man of the Moment (1955)Norman Wisdom
Thur27/12/201809:35Kill Her Gently (1957)Thriller
Thur27/12/201813:05The Day The Earth Caught Fire (1961)Sci-fi
Thur27/12/201821:00All The Way Up (1970)Comedy - Stars Warren Mitchell, Pat Heywood & Elaine Taylor
Thur27/12/201823:00Violent Playground (1958)Drama - Stars Stanley Baker, David McCallum, Anne Heywood & Peter Cushing
Fri28/12/201808:00Chance of a Lifetime (1950)Comedy - Basil Radford, Bernard Miles, Kenneth More, Patrick Troughton & Hattie Jacques
Fri28/12/201811:00Ghost Ship (1953)Thriller - Directed by Vernon Sewell. Starring Hazel Court & Dermot Walsh
Fri28/12/201814:30The Blue Lamp (1949)Drama - Stars Dirk Bogarde, Jack Warner & Jimmy Hanley
Fri28/12/201823:10The Good Die Young (1954)Thriller - Director: Lewis Gilbert. Stars Robert Morley, Joan Collins, Laurence Harvey & Margaret Leighton
Sat29/12/201806:00Convict 99 (1938)Will Hay
Sat29/12/201810:55The Long Duel (1967)Drama - Stars Yul Brynner, Trevor Howard, Harry Andrews and Andrew Keir
Sat29/12/201814:50Challenge For Robin Hood (1967)Adventure - Stars Barrie Ingham, James Hayter & Leon Greene
Sat29/12/201821:05The Swimmer (1968)Burt Lancaster
Sat29/12/201822:55The Old Dark House (1963)Comedy - Stars Fenella Fielding, Tom Poston, Robert Morley & Janette Scott
Sun30/12/201811:30Scrooge: A Christmas Carol (1951)Alastair Sim
Sun30/12/201815:15The Holly and the Ivy (1952)Drama - Stars Ralph Richardson & Celia Johnson
Sun30/12/201818:05Oliver Twist (1948)Drama - Stars Alec Guinness, Robert Newton & Kay Walsh
Mon31/12/201810:30The League of Gentlemen (1960)Stars Jack Hawkins, Richard Attenborough, Nigel Patrick & Roger Livesey
Mon31/12/201812:45The Winslow Boy (1948)Stars Robert Donat, Cedric Hardwicke & Basil Radford
Mon31/12/201815:00Great Expectations (1974)Stars Michael York, Sarah Miles, Margaret Leighton, James Mason & Anthony Quayle
Mon31/12/201821:00Ghost of Greville Lodge (2000)Jon Newman, Prunella Scales, Marc Danbury and George Cole
Tue01/12/201914:15The One That Got Away (1957)Stars Hardy Krüger, Colin Gordon & Michael Goodliffe
Tue01/12/201918:00Genevieve (1953)Stars: Kenneth More, Dinah Sheridan and Kay Kendall
Tue01/12/201920:00Scream of Fear (1961)Stars Susan Strasberg, Ronald Lewis, Ann Todd & Christopher Lee
Tue01/12/201921:40House on Haunted Hill (1959)Horror. Directed by William Castle. Starring Vincent Price & Carol Ohmart
Wed02/12/201910:55Blanche Fury (1948)Crime: Stars Valerie Hobson, Stewart Granger & Michael Gough
Wed02/12/201923:00Gumshoe (1971)Stars Albert Finney, Billie Whitelaw & Frank Finlay
DateTimeFilm / TV SeriesInfo
Mon17/12/201811:00The Devil Rides Out (1968)Hammer Horror - Christopher Lee
Tue18/12/201821:00The Eye (2008)Mystery - Stars Jessica Alba
Wed19/12/201822:50The Mummy (1959)Hammer Horror
Thur20/12/201821:00Don't Blink (2015)Horror/Thriller
Fri21/12/201823:15The Strangers (2008)Horror
Sat22/12/201821:00A Christmas Horror Story (2015)Chilling festive anthology with William Shatner
Sat22/12/201823:00Hatchet (2006)Horror
Sun23/12/201821:00The Children (2008)A Christmas holiday goes horrendously wrong when the children turn on their parents
Sun23/12/201822:40Tales from the Crypt (1972)Horror - Peter Cushing
Mon24/12/201821:00P2 (2007)Horror
Tue25/12/201821:00Black Christmas (2006)Horror
Tue25/12/201822:40A Christmas Horror Story (2015)Chilling festive anthology with William Shatner
Tue25/12/201800:40The Fog (1980)John Carpenter
Wed26/12/201822:40Night of the Living Dead (1990)Remake
Wed26/12/201800:40The Vatican Tapes (2015)Horror
Wed26/12/201802:30The Witches (1967)Hammer Horror
Thur27/12/201821:00Curse of Chucky (2013)Horror
Thur27/12/201822:55Vampires (1998)John Carpenter
Fri28/12/201822:45Pandorum (2009)Horror - Dennis Quaid
Fri28/12/201800:50The Hills Have Eyes (1977)Directed by Wes Craven
Sat29/12/201815:00Stephen King's The Langoliers Series 1, Episode 1
Sat29/12/201816:55Stephen King's The Langoliers Series 1, Episode 2
DayDateTimeFilm / TV SeriesInfo
Sun16/12/201801:15Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015)Horror
Christmas EveBusy Bodies (1933) - (Laurel & Hardy)Talking Pictures TV7:45am
Scrooge (1935) - (Seymour Hicks)Talking Pictures TV8:10am
Towed In A Hole (1932) - (Laurel & Hardy)Talking Pictures TV11:30am
For the Love of Ada - Christmas Special (TV Series)Talking Pictures TV4:30pm
P2 (2007)Horror Channel9:00pm
The Holly and the Ivy (1952)Talking Pictures TV9:05pm
House On Haunted Hill (1999)Horror Channel12:45am
Christmas DayGood Morning, Boys (1937) - (Will Hay)Talking Pictures TV6:00am
Waterloo Road (1944)Talking Pictures TV7:45am
The Ugly Duckling (1959)Talking Pictures TV9:20am
Bulldog Breed (1960) - (Norman Wisdom)Talking Pictures TV11:15am
Scrooge: A Christmas Carol (1951) - (Alastair Sim)Talking Pictures TV1:50pm
Oliver Twist (1948)Talking Pictures TV5:40pm
Black Christmas (2006)Horror Channel9:00pm
A Christmas Horror Story (2015)Horror Channel10:40pm
The Fog (1980) - (John Carpenter)Horror Channel12:40am
Prizzi's Honour (1986) - (Jack Nicholson)Talking Pictures TV1:05am
Boxing DayBell Bottom George (1944) - (George Formby)Talking Pictures TV8:05am
Beyond Christmas (1940)Talking Pictures TV10:30am
Passport To Pimlico (1949)Talking Pictures TV1:45pm
The Blue Lamp (1949)Talking Pictures TV6:15pm
Quatermass and the Pit (1967)Talking Pictures TV9:00pm
The Vatican Tapes (2015)Horror Channel12:40am
The Witches (1967) (Hammer Horror)Horror Channel2:30am
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