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If you are looking for a good film in the United Kingdom then you need to be watching television channels such as Talking Pictures TV, Horror Channel and Film4. All of these are free to air channels meaning they can be viewed on Freeview. Here our pick of the TV Schedules:

  • Talking Pictures TV available on Sky 328 | Virgin 445 | Freeview 82 | Freesat 306
  • Horror Channel available on Sky | Virgin 149 | Freeview 70 | Freesat 138
  • Film4 available on Sky 313 | Virgin 428 (SD) & 429 (HD) | Freeview 15
  • Thats TV available on Freeview 65

What’s On Television – UK TV Schedules

DateTimeFilm / TV SeriesInfo
Mon02.01.2316:00She (1965)Adventure. Director: Robert Day. Stars Ursula Andress, John Richardson, Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee.
02.01.2321:00Experiment in Terror (1962)Crime. Directed by Blake Edwards. Stars Glenn Ford, Lee Remick & Stefanie Powers.
Tue03.01.2316:10Hide and Seek (1963)Thriller. Director Endfield. Stars Ian Carmichael, Curd Jürgens & Janet Munro
Wed04.01.2300:05The Mutations (1974)Horror. Directed by Jack Cardiff. Stars Donald Pleasence, Tom Baker & Julie Ege
04.01.2323:25Magic (1978)Thriller. Directed by Richard Attenborough and starring Anthony Hopkins.
Thu05.01.2313.00The Sandwich Man (1966)Comedy. Director: Robert Hartford-Davis. Stars Michael Bentine, Harry H Corbett & Norman Wisdom.
Fri06.01.2323:05The Cat and the Canary (1978)Thriller. Director Radley Metzger. Stars Honor Blackman, Michael Callan & Edward Fox.
Sat07.01.2307.25Ask A Policeman (1939)Comedy. Director: Marcel Varnel. Stars: Will Hay, Graham Moffatt and Moore Marriott.
11:30The Adventures of Robin HoodStarring: Alexander Gauge, Geoffrey Keen & George Rose.
12.004D Man (1959)Sci-fi. Directed by Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr. Stars Robert Lansing, Lee Meriweather & James Congdon.
Sun08.01.2308.45The Earth Dies Screaming (1964)Sci-fi- Starring: Willard Parker, Virginia Field and Dennis Price.
Mon 02/01/202320:30Victoria Wood's Nice Cup Of Tea
02/01/202321:00Till Death Us Do Part
02/01/202321:35Whatever Happen To The Likely Lads
02/01/202322:15Dick Emery's Comedy Hour
Tue 03/01/202321:00Till Death Us Do Part
03/01/202321:35Whatever Happen To The Likely Lads
Wed 04/01/202321:00Till Death Us Do Part
04/01/202321:35Whatever Happen To The Likely Lads
04/01/202322:10Benny Hill Show
Thu 05/01/202321:00Till Death Us Do Part
05/01/202321:35Whatever Happen To The Likely Lads
05/01/202322:10Benny Hill Show
Fri 06/01/202321:00Till Death Us Do Part
06/01/202321:35Whatever Happen To The Likely Lads
06/01/202322:05Benny Hill Show
Sat 07/01/202321:00Till Death Us Do Part
07/01/202321:35Whatever Happen To The Likely Lads
07/01/202322:10Benny Hill Show
Sun 08/01/202321:00Till Death Us Do Part
08/01/202321:35Whatever Happen To The Likely Lads
08/01/202322:15Benny Hill Show

Talking Pictures specialise in showing older vintage material with many black and white films along with films into the 1970/80’s. If for instance you love the likes of Laurel and Hardy, Will Hay, Alfred Hitchcock then this is most definitely the channel for you.

The good news continues as they add different films into the mix each month so you are not just watching the same films or TV series over and over again, UK Gold take note!

The Horror Channel shows a good mix of old and new horror/sci-fi films and also have network premieres every month to keep things fresh.

Film4 is a more general film channel which shows films from all genres. It has themed seasons such as Frightfest in which they show horror movies each night over a few weeks.

Meanwhile we always like to select our must see choices from all of the TV channels over the Christmas period.

This page will be updated weekly so check back soon!