US Cinema Charts April 27 2018: Avengers: Infinity War

It’s that time of the week when we take a quick look at the latest top 10 box office movies and find out which movies are hot.  There was really only one release out last week, Avengers: Infinity War and I think we all know at what position it entered this week’s chart.  These are the figures for US Cinema Charts April 27 2018.

US Cinema Charts April 27 2018

(Box office results this weekend)
1NewAvengers: Infinity WarWalt Disney$257,698,183
2(1)A Quiet PlaceParamount Pictures$11,004,977
3(3)I Feel PrettySTX Entertainment$8,176,757
4(2)RampageWarner Bros$7,205,315
5(8)Black PantherWalt Disney$4,736,428
6(4)Super Troopers 220th Century Fox$3,729,287
7(5)Truth or DareUniversal$3,268,145
9(6)Ready Player OneWarner Bros$2,563,325

Avengers: Infinity War takes the number one spot with massive box office takings of $257,698,183.  The film also broke the global opening weekend box office takings record with a whopping $630 million.  Marvel must be extremely happy right now as they know doubt continue to plan the next ten or so films to make.

Last week’s number one A Quiet Place drops to number two whilst Rampage slips to four.  That means the Amy Schumer comedy I Feel Pretty remains at number three with cinema takings of $8,176,757.

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We will leave it there for now, that just about concludes the US Cinema Charts April 27 2018 don’t forget to check back next week to see if Avengers: Infinity War can hold on to the number one spot.  I’ll leave you with a couple of movie trailers starting with Avengers: Infinity War :

And now for A Quiet Place …

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