US Cinema Charts September 15 2017

It’s that time of the week when we take a quick look at what movies are hot at the US cinema, these figures are for US Cinema Charts September 15 2017.

US Cinema Charts September 15 2017

1(1)ItWarner Bros$60,103,110
2NewAmerican AssassinLionsgate$14,846,778
3NewMother!Paramount Pictures$7,534,673
4(2)Home AgainOpen Road$5,183,004
5(3)The Hitman’s BodyguardLionsgate$3,588,883
6(5)Wind RiverWeinstein Co$2,572,397
7(4)Annabelle: CreationWarner Bros$2,411,319
8(6)Leap!Weinstein Co$2,163,778
9(7)Spider-Man: HomecomingSony Pictures$1,858,740
10(8)DunkirkWarner Bros$1,311,449

Do you like creepy clowns? Well you must do as Stephen King’s IT stays at number one for a second week with impressive takings of $60,103,110. There are two new entries on the chart this week, American Assassin and Mother! landing in second and third places respectively.

One movie on the way out of the top ten is Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk having spent an impressive 59 days taking gross figures of $185,148,101 drops to number ten. It may well be joined by the even more spectacular Spider-Man: Homecoming which falls from seven to nine. Spidey has been in the top ten for a staggering 73 days with gross to date figures of, wait for it $330,245,988.

So yet another good week for Warner Bros with three films in the top 10 including the number one IT.

Which of these films did you go to see and was it worthy of your time? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below:

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One of this week’s highlights is the release of the thriller Kingsman: The Golden Circle, more on that on Thursday.

I’ll leave you with the movie trailer for IT – US Cinema Charts September 15 number 1