US Cinema Charts September 8 2017

It’s that time of the week when we take a quick look at what movies are hot at the US cinema, these figures are for US Cinema Charts September 8 2017.

US Cinema Charts September 8 2017

1NewItWarner Bros$123,403,419
2NewHome AgainOpen Road$8,567,881
3(1)The Hitman’s BodyguardLionsgate$4,801,745
4(2)Annabelle: CreationWarner Bros$4,003,115
5(3)Wind RiverWeinstein Co$3,132,362
6(4)Leap!Weinstein Co$2,443,405
7(7)Spider-Man: HomecomingSony Pictures$2,006,749
8(6)DunkirkWarner Bros$1,861,601
9(5)Logan LuckyBleecker Street$1,669,875
10(9)The Emoji MovieSony Pictures$1,138,516

Who said nobody likes creepy clowns? Stephen King’s IT storms into the number one spot taking a massive $123,403,419 and no doubt pleasing Warner Bros. Compare that against fellow no entry Home Again at number two with cinema takings of just $8,567,881.

Last weeks number one movie, The Hitman’s Bodyguard drops to three taking $4,801,745. There is not too much movement in the charts this week with films such as Dunkirk and Spider-Man: Homecoming still holding firm after several weeks on release.

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I’ll leave you with the movie trailer for IT