We Still Kill The Old Way Blu-ray Review (2014) – Old School Crime!

I love gangster style films when done well especially British ones like Get Carter and more recently Harry Brown. So when a newer (2014) film came to my attention I had to take a look.  This  is my We Still Kill The Old Way Blu-ray review

  • We Still Kill The Old Way (2014)
  • Genre: Crime, Action
  • Directed By Sacha Bennett
  • UK Film Rating: 18
  • Released By: Platform Entertainment


When old gangster, Charlie stumbles across a gang assaulting a young women in the alleyway he intervenes.  However the rules of the street have changed.  No gangster code exists in the modern era.  He wants to go one on one with their leader, instead he is attacked by several at the same time.

The police prove to be utterly useless in bring them to justice.  However Charlie has a brother now living in Spain, Richie Archer (Ian Ogilvy) and the Archer brothers used to run part of London back in the sixties.

Ritchie returns for the funeral and to bring those involved to justice.  Backed up by his former associates all getting on in life.

However title the “We Still Kill The Old Way” should give you an idea of what they have in-store for these modern day thugs.

Aaron is the leader of the gang known as E2 and bullies the rest to carry out attacks, drug dealing and the like.

In essence what we have is a film pitching the old gangsters from the late sixties against the present day gangs.  Who will come out on top?  I let you enjoy that outcome for yourself.


That said the film clearly places the present day gang as the real villains, whilst painting the old guys in a decidedly positive light.  Note both groups are in fact killers but the older ones are seen through rose tinted glasses and the film even comments directly on this subject.

So as many will say, including myself in the introduction, there is a definite Harry Brown (2009) vibe to this film.  The look and feel certainly drew me to that conclusion.  However add in a touch of Get Carter (1971) into the mix and you end up with “We Still Kill The Old Way”

Cast & Acting

So does all that add up to producing a good movie?

Absolutely, it works perfectly well though I think one of the main reasons the film-makers are able to achieve this is because of the casting.

The star of the film is Ian Ogilvy (Think Return of the Saint, Simon Templar) he drives the film but he does in a calm stylish manner.  This film could easily have been run-of-the-mill but Ogilvy’s performance means the potential is well and truly achieved.

Ogilvy’s calm and cool delivery style is what really makes this into stylish crime film. Top marks for choosing him for the starring role.

Supported by a good cast in particular Chris Ellison whom UK audiences will be very familiar with.  He has a reputation from playing the slightly heavy handed copper, DCI Burnside in the long running Police television drama, The Bill.

Conclusion: We Still Kill The Old Way Blu-ray Review (2014)

Clearly the comparison with Reservoir Dogs has to be made due to the a rather nasty yet funny torture scene. Bizarrely this genuinely adds some light relief through the banter of what each gang members job and specialist skills are.

The film moves along at a good pace switching between the two gangs perspectives. With a small budget the film-makers have made the most of what they had producing a rather tight and slick film.

I’ll be honest I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this movie having seen the trailer but I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised by the end.

If you like British gangster films with a touch of humour then I think you will enjoy We Still Kill The Old Way. Oh and there is a sequel to this titled We Still Steal The Old Way I will be reviewing this shortly.

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Blu-ray: We Still Kill The Old Way Blu-ray Review (2014)

It’s a 2014 film so nothing wrong with sound or picture.  The Blu-ray comes with a couple of short extras, Behind the Scenes & An Interview With the Makers.  Both are interesting and thankfully short enough not to bore.

Popcorn Cinema Rating: We Still Kill The Old Way (2014)




We Still Kill The Old Way (2014) blu-ray is available now.

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We Still Kill The Old Way (2014) Film Trailer

For those of you yet to see the film I’ll leave you with a little taster with trailer…

That was my We Still Kill The Old Way Blu-ray Review, please leave your thoughts below in the comment section.

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We Still Kill The Old Way (2014) Blu-ray Review
We Still Kill The Old Way Blu-ray Review (2014)

Movie title: We Still Kill The Old Way (2014)

Duration: 90 mins

Director(s): Sacha Bennett

Actor(s): Ian Ogilvy, Alison Doody, Chris Ellison, James Cosmo

Genre: Crime, Action

  • Movie Rating
  • Blu-ray Rating


If you are looking for a British gangster movie with some style this is for you.