When The Lights Went Out (2012) Movie Review

When The Lights Went Out Movie Review

It’s a British horror film set in the 1970’s in Yorkshire and right from the beginning the way in which it’s shot nails that it feeling of being in the seventies. Providing that is you ignore the two satellite dishes on one shot at the beginning, which I can forgive as I doubt they had a huge budget for the film.

From the cars, clothes, the interiors of the house and of course the power blackouts all scream 1970’s England.

  • When The Lights Went Out (2012 Horror) Blu-ray
  • Directed By Pat Holden
  • Written By Pat Holden
  • Running Time 85 Mins
  • Starring Kate Ashfield ; Steven Waddington ; Craig Parkinson ; Jo Hartley ; Martin Compston ; Andrea Lowe ; Gary Lewis when the lights went out



So the film starts with a Maynard family moving into their new house and all is well but this soon descends into a terrifying nightmare with the family’s daughter caught in the centre of the paranormal activity. As the family become more desperate they seek help but will the church or anyone else be able to help.

This film is supposedly based on true events at 30 East Drive Chequerfield Estate in Pontefract, West Yorkshire in 1974.

Conclusion – When The Lights Went Out

Now you probably think it sounds a familar story and you would be right to some degree. However I do think they nail the atmosphere which lets be honest is a key component of any horror movie. The plot has you intrigued and holds your attention throughout.

Good performances all-round particularly the two young girls, great atmosphere keeps you on the edge of your seat or maybe watching from the sofa….

It’s not very often films like this one come along, it’s not a big budget film but it gets most things spot on.

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So what is my movie rating for When The Lights Went Out?

  • Movie Rating: RECOMMENDED
  • Blu-ray Sound & Picture: EXCELLENT



 If you like horror films it’s a MUST SEE!  When The Lights Went Out is available now on Blu-ray.

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For those of you yet to see the film I’ll leave you with a little taster with trailer…

I hope you are enjoying are recommended film series, more gems on the way…


So that was my When The Lights Went Out review, have checked this horror flick out yet? Do you agree with me that it’s a really good horror film?  Drop us a comment below and I will respond.

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When The Lights Went Out (2012) Blu-ray Review

Director(s): Pat Holden

Actor(s): Kate Ashfield, Steven Waddington, Craig Parkinson, Jo Hartley

Genre: Horror

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This films atmosphere keeps you on the edge of your seat or maybe watching from the sofa…