Wolf Blu-ray Review – 1994 Horror Romance Starring Nicholson & Pfeiffer

Jack Nicholson is one of those actors that has immense screen presence and is also an actor I always in enjoy watching.  The film I’m taking a look at here is one I haven’t seen for quite some time and comes under the romantic horror genre. 

I’m of course referring to Wolf from 1994, Powerhouse Films have recently released it remastered on Blu-ray.  Is it a good release?  Well it’s time to find out, so without further ado here’s my Wolf Blu-ray Review.

  • Wolf (1994)
  • UK Rating 15
  • Released By Indicator (Powerhouse Films)
  • Blu-ray Released: 20 November 2017


Will Randall an editor-in-chief of a publishing house is driving home in the snow when he hits a wolf.  He goes to investigate whereupon he is bitten.  Following this incident Will begins to notice his senses are much improved including eyesight, smell and hearing.

Meanwhile at work the publishing house he works for is about to be taken over with his job going to a younger more dynamic member of staff.  How will Randall handle this along with his new found abilities? One thing is for sure it’s going to be an entertaining ride!

Style / Direction

The film was directed by Mike Nichols with the cinematography being handled by Giuseppe Rotunno.  Wolf is a very well made film and has a very stylish look with the publishing house impressing with its open balcony and stairs proving to be a great choice of location.

The pacing of the film is perfect allowing enough time to get to know the main characters before ramping up the tension and action.

Music / Audio Effects

The music is provided by the great Ennio Morricone and certainly fits the film rather well.  It feels like a classic horror film score with a modern twist.

Acting / Characters

Jack Nicholson seems the perfect choice as Will Randall a man that finds himself with wolf traits.  His performance as a successful but slightly reserved kind of guy transforms into a power hungry man who is no longer afraid to step on toes.  Make no mistake this is an outstanding acting performance and one that is a joy to watch.

Michelle Pfeiffer as Laura Alden compliments Jack Nicholson’s character perfectly as the two bounce of each other with plenty of sparks.  Her character also has her own issues which play well against Nicholson’s.

James Spader plays Stewart Swinton, Will Randall’s young protégé and a guy who seemingly will do anything to avoid conflict.

Christopher Plummer plays Raymond Alden, Laura’s father a wealthy businessman whom has a somewhat strained relationship with his daughter.

Oh and watch out for David Schwimmer as the cop in the zoo and Prunella Scales as Maude Waggins an author that backs up Will Randall.

  • Jack Nicholson as Will Randall
  • Michelle Pfeiffer as Laura Alden
  • James Spader as Stewart Swinton
  • Kate Nelligan as Charlotte Skylar Randall
  • Christopher Plummer as Raymond Alden

Conclusion: Wolf (1994) Film Review

Wolf is not an out and out horror but more of a romantic horror thriller.  It’s without question an excellent and engrossing film. Jack Nicholson is absolutely superb as a reserved kind of guy that suddenly finds he has a new vigour for life.  This transformation is actually a lot bigger than the actual physical change. 

One of the main reasons the film succeeds is largely down to the interactions between the three main characters/actors, Nicholson, Pfeiffer and Spader all of which are excellent.

To sum up Wolf is without a doubt a must see film, it has an excellent story, looks fabulous and boasts a truly outstanding cast that all deliver.

Wolf blu-ray review

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Conclusion: Wolf Blu-ray Review

The film may well be excellent but what about the Blu-ray release?  Well the news is very good, the picture quality is clean and sharp whilst the colours are spot on.  Oh and there are no annoying speckles anywhere to be found.

On to the extras and Powerhouse include an excellent set with the The Beast Inside: Creating Wolf the pick of them.  It’s full of behind the scenes stories of how Wolf became the film we know today.

Interesting facts include both Mick Jagger and Marlon Brando were interested in playing parts in the movie.

To sum up this new Blu-ray release of Wolf in a couple of words, Buy It!


  • The Beast Inside: Creating Wolf (2017, 55 mins)
  • Cast & Crew Interviews
  • B-Roll Footage (4 mins)
  • Image Gallery
  • Original Trailer
  • Reversible Sleeve
  • Limited Edition Booklet

Popcorn Cinema Rating: Wolf (1994)




Wolf (1994) Blu-ray is out now and available from Amazon.

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Wolf (1994) Trailer

For those of you yet to see the film I’ll leave you with a little taster…

Clip not be representative of the blu-ray version

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Summary: Wolf (1994) Blu-ray Review
Wolf blu-ray review

Movie title: Wolf (1994)

Duration: 125 mins

Director(s): Mike Nichols

Actor(s): Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer, James Spader, Kate Nelligan, Christopher Plummer

Genre: Horror, Romance

  • Movie Rating
  • Blu-ray Picture Rating
  • Extras


Jack Nicholson is absolutely superb as guy that suddenly finds he has a new vigour for life. The Blu-ray Release from Powerhouse Films is simply magnificent.